I found my balance between design and code.

Because of that i keep improving both ways with an ambidextrous dexterity mixing and having opend both in same time on my laptop Adobe Creative Suite and a Code Editor with few lines of code.

Frontend and Ui/Ux Design

I chosed to shape and guide your online experience using the building blocks of modern web, to code up my own designs and implement with the right technologies.

Exploring the digital world is not easy, and i'm in a continues strugle to keep my design consistent above various platforms and browsers deciding how different features should act when you click and hover over them. Harnesing the force of HTML, CSS, Javascript, React JS, frameworks like Bootstrap, also using Git for version control i make web to look cool.

“Designer at heart, i am fluent in Adobe Creative Suite
and able to tell a story with my creative work.”
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Ui/Ux design for an mobile application

Deep dived in programming world

I deep dived in backend programming trying to push my knowledge of Python and Node JS and RESTful Services further and even i suffer sometimes from imposter syndrom and being overwhelmed by the amount of things i need to learn, i keep pushing this everyday hopping for an opportunity to do this at a professional level.